Dynamic DNS is a system for allowing an Internet domain name (something.com) to be assigned to a dynamic (one that changes and is not always the same) IP address.

Since the dynamic IP address changes, Dynamic DNS makes it possible for other computers/devices on the Internet to establish connections to that machine without needing to know the actual IP address. 

A public IP address is an IP address that your home or business router receives from your ISP and is used when you access the internet.

How does this affect when setting up remote access to a CCTV system?

Some internet service providers (ISP) change the public IP address that there customers use and this can cause with remote access issues to CCTV systems.

If you setup a CCTV system with remote access and the Public IP Address changes, when using DDNS setup on the CCTV system this will not affect remote access to the CCTV System.

Want to setup DDNS on your customers CCTV system?

Traders Warehouse Technical Support Team can help there customers setup and register a DDNS name to use when using when setting DDNS type remote CCTV access, please contact our support team for further information.